Michael Godard Paints a Grand Piano

"...right now I'm laying out all the the music notes and have a little bit fun I'm using a wax pencil. I'm not sure if the camera can actually pick this up but there's some lines that I've drawn here at the five lines and just moving along here trying to find a nice little groove so that everything sort of flows... got my little olives for notes... I think it's really gonna come out nice."

"This is going into the Martini lounge [on the Pricess Cruise Lines] ...you'll also notice too that the lines of the music notes sort of get a little bit smaller and get a little bit bigger because I kind of that's kind of the way I feel out how music is sometimes it could be very quiet sometimes it could be very big so I kind of try to do the same thing with that...here's the olive conductor is actually up on his tippy toes and he's also got a little toothpick in his hand I thought that would be quite fitting. So I hope you enjoy the painting of the piano as much as I did creating it and I'll tell you it looks pretty darn good and it's going to be a great addition to the the newest fleet of Princess Cruise Lines."